the year of the wolf hat

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Every resident of Brooklyn lives within a half-mile of a Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) location."

Pretty awesome - cause Knowledge = All Manner of Goodies on Earth & Library = Free Access (or very low cost access) to Knowledge.

Quote is from the Brooklyn Public Library website, from Hours & Locations page.

- S

Sunday, December 12, 2010

week 1 of year 2 nyc completed

all in all a very good week. saw the 4th floor of b&n us - lots of space for events. russell brand (sp?) did some stuff there, here's the video:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

churros churros churros

yeah, bought two for $1 at 36th st subway station in brooklyn today (while heading back to work after a false alarm at home re: carbon monoxide). the churros lady gave me an extra 1/2 a churro for free.

heard tina fey's gonna do some book signingings or something like that in nyc in april 2011

yeah, that's what i heard

no wolf hats or cat hats today, but saw a dude in a bear hat

it was at a subway station on the R line, a dude had on a bear hat - bear fur looking brown hat with bear ears. i think i prefer the wolf hat, if i was forced to choose.

no tv needed in nyc

when i live in the suburbs of md/dc i watch a fair amount of regular tv & cable. but in nyc - do not feel like watching tv - 'cause there is a lot going on all the time - right outside the window, whenever you go out the door. i bet a lot of people in nyc read when they need some kind of entertainment as opposed to watching tv because reading is less stressful/requires a different kind of attention paying, less busy. need to go watch a movie in a movie theater.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

no wolf hat sighting today, but saw a lady in a cat hat

she had on a hat that looked like a cat's face - in line at barnes & noble's cafe at union square. good food at that cafe - red velvet cupcakes, yum.

another reason this is year 2 in nyc

this is the 2nd time that i had a one year lease of an apt in nyc

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

start of year 2

more or less 11/30/10 or 12/1 (rental of new apt) or 12/5 (move in day, 1st day of work in nyc for year 2). a photo from those days here.

wolf hats

saw 2 of them the last 2 days in/near union square