the year of the wolf hat

Thursday, December 9, 2010

churros churros churros

yeah, bought two for $1 at 36th st subway station in brooklyn today (while heading back to work after a false alarm at home re: carbon monoxide). the churros lady gave me an extra 1/2 a churro for free.


  1. In which dimension would it b noteworthy that u bought a mexican donut stick on the subway? This is news to nobody? U should report on the nature of space-time!
    Go sujewa!

  2. a note about doing a simple thing on a certain date & time gives very useful markers to the level 1 time travel device that is being used by the USAF in 50 years. the less important an event is the better - for time travel purposes - as not to disrupt significant events that anchor human history/as to not significantly disrupt the common narrative about flow of time/history. you will understand in the future.


thanks (& !go jets!)